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17th century
Mother of God about 1600

7 800 €

Galerie Puch

Wood sculpture

Wood sculpture is one of the earliest means of expression in art. Whether it is decorative, symbolic, or religious, wood sculpture has a rich history. Since the dawn of time, this art has been widely practised in all civilisations throughout history. Wood was a major source of inspiration for sculptors: in the Celtic, Egyptian, and Roman civilisations, and in the Orient, India, and America.

This artistic technique highlights the incredible ingenuity of the artists in each period. Reflecting the historical styles and contexts, wood sculpture is an immutable testimony to the creativity of men over the course of time. An ancient skill, wood sculpture is created from a living material, which is irregular and unpredictable. Unlike bronze and marble, wood sculptures are affected by the ravages of time, which denies them any form of timelessness.