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17th century
Christ at Golgotha

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Objets d'art and furniture from the Louis XIII era

The antiques and furniture originating from the Louis XIII era attest to a combination of various influences: the Renaissance, Italy, Flanders, Spain, Germany, classical art, and the Jesuit style. The many sources of inspiration give the Louis XIII style an originality and a certain diversity. Initially restrained and solid, the style softened over time.

The ornamentation was bold and the decorative work rendered the furniture designs heavy. New techniques enriched the ornamental vocabulary: wood turning, marquetry, carved ebony veneer, and inlays of strips of coloured wood and marble panels. The motifs that are characteristic of the Louis XIII era are: diamond-shaped motifs, the Maltese Cross, the ornamental spinning top, horns of abundance, cherubs, eagles, and ‘sand heaps’ (‘tas de sable’).