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18th century
Scent box, 18th century

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Anne Besnard

Objets d'art and furniture from the Louis XV era

Synonymous with curves and asymmetry, the works from the Louis XV era perfectly illustrate the rocaille and rococo styles. The straight lines became softer and the motifs more serpentine. The interiors became smaller: small living rooms were preferred over large ceremonial rooms. Comfort, intimacy, and refinement found their way into the small private mansions. Consequently, the antiques and furniture produced during the era of Louis XV evolved to break away from the austerity of the earlier styles.

Nature became a major source of inspiration: flowers, foliage, animals, fruits, and shells. Marquetry, wood veneer, bronze, and copper enhanced these motifs. A taste for chinoiseries and Orientalism developed. Vernis Martin (varnish) was created to provide a cheap imitation of Chinese lacquer. Walls were ornamented with tapestries. Inlaid porcelain was used in furniture.