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Featured fine pieces

Featured fine pieces

Galerie Tarantino
Galerie Tarantino

Antiquities, Old masters paintings and drawings

Having collaborated during some years with the dealers Jacques Fischer for 19th century art and Jean-Philippe Mariaud de Serres for antiquities, Antoine Tarantino opened his own gallery in June, 2007.
Jacques BLANCHARD (Paris, 1600 - 1638) - Madonna and child
Attic band cup of the "Little Master" around 540-535 BC AD
Attic black figured neck amphora, circa 520 BC

French 17th century furniture

XVIIth Century Furniture

Antique bronze figure and group

Bronze Sculpture

French Louis XV cartel Clocks

Louis XV Cartel Clocks

Antique Religious Oil Paintings

Religious Painting

Antique French 18th century stamped furniture

French "estampille" Furniture

Antique Mirrors and Pier Glass