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Seghers & Pang Fine Arts


Seghers & Pang Fine Arts

Rue des Minimes, 25
1000 Bruxelles

+32 (0)4 72203844

PRESENTATION GALLERY : Seghers & Pang Fine Arts

Prof. dr. Ching Lin Pang (Catholic University of Leuven, University of Antwerp) and Dirk Seghers (MA Germanic Philology, MA Sinology, Artistic Director, Curator) share a common passion for beauty as source of inspiration and comfort. Main criteria for selecting the objects: authenticity, artistic value and the story that the object tells. We have sold our objects to collectors and galleries in San Francisco, New York, Québec, Kyoto, Paris, Cologne, Beijing...
We hope we can share our passion with you.

We will be pleased to welcome you in our gallery that we share with our friend and colleague Don Verboven (Verboven Exquisite Objects). It is located in the heart of the Sablon, the neighbourhood of high-end antique shops in Brussels.


  • Religious Art
  • Asian Antiques

New Arrivals by Seghers & Pang Fine Arts

17th century
Limestone Lion, Italy 17th century
Limestone Lion, Italy 17th century

3 300 €

<   16th century
Corpus Christi (Spain, 14th century)
Corpus Christi (Spain, 14th century)

3 450 €

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