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18th century
Head of child in marble 18 century

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Galerie Damidot

<   16th century
athlete at rest, marble torso

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Castellino Fine Arts

18th century
women bust in marble  early XVIIIe

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Galerie Sismann

19th century
Busts of young Nubians

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Galerie Berger

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Marble sculpture

The first use of marble in sculpture dates back to more than 6,000 years ago in Egypt, and definitely even earlier in Mesopotamia. The Greek and Roman civilisations continued this sculptural art with polished stone. Marble, which was mainly used to construct edifices and everyday objects, experienced its first golden age in the fifteenth century, particularly during the Italian Renaissance.

Over the centuries, marble fulfilled every desire for splendour, monumental works, and luxury. A combination of elegance and timelessness, marble gives sculpture a prestigious quality that remains unaffected by the passage of time. It remains the favourite of purists and aesthetes.