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19th century
Nymph and Satyr

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Galerie Delvaille

19th century
Putti embracing

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Catel Antiquités

19th century
A pair of Sculptures in terra cotta

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Galerie Berger

<   16th century
Bust of a woman, Renaissance period

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Galerie Sismann

18th century
Terracotta sculptures Falconet

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Nicolas Bordet

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Terracotta sculpture

Dating back to the Upper Palaeolithic period, terracotta is one of the oldest materials used for construction and sculpture. This ceramic material is made by firing clay in order to make pottery and sculptures. Biscuit sculptures are objects in porcelain that have been fired twice. Their matt and incredibly white appearance gives them a majestic elegance.

Antique Roman and Greek terracotta sculpture promotes an art with a timeless quality. Over the centuries, the ornamental arts made extensive use of terracotta and biscuit sculptures: in tableware, objets d'art, and in the decorative arts. The porcelain manufactories—at Sèvres, Limoges, Paris, St Cloud, and in Meissen and Saxe—experienced a golden age during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.