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Twentieth-century painting

Twentieth-century painting encompassed many pictorial movements that rapidly evolved and spread. This was not characterised by a succession of artistic movements but rather a cohabitation of genres. Twentieth-century painters were able to draw inspiration from a range of pictorial movements. Driven by a taste and quest for innovation, this art reflected a permanent quest for renewal.

The most noteworthy pictorial movements during the twentieth century were: Fauvism (1900–1910), expressionism (1905–1920), cubism (1907–1920), American Realism (1908–1970), Futurism (1909–1935), Abstract Art (1910–1945), Dadaism (1916–1924), the De Stijl Movement (1917–1932), Mexican Art (1920–1960), surrealism (1924–1966), non-figurative Art, post-1945 figurative Art, and postmodern Art and contemporary Art.