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19th century
Bed in Cuban mahogany

13 000 €

Frédéric Brossy

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Restauration furniture

Consistent with the straight lines of Empire furniture, Restauration pieces gradually adopted a softer structure with more discreet ornamentation. Mahogany remained a classic of this period. To this were added maple, burr elm, ashwood, satinwood, cherry and sycamore. Motifs in rosewood or amaranth could be inlaid. Bronze ornamentation was used for very light decorative purposes.

More comfortable and charming, Restauration furniture breaks away from straight lines for more roundness: turned wood, corners en doucine, console or scroll base. It spotlights grey Sainte-Anne marble. The most widely used motifs are Empire palmettes, foliage, garlands, horns of plenty, rosettes, stars, florets, swan necks, horses, hands, chimeras, victories, and genies.