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The 19th Century Clock

The 19th century clock carries on the watchmaking tradition of the 18th century. It is increasingly harmonised with a pair of torches or candelabra to decorate the mantelpiece. During the Empire style period, the casing clock and the mantel clock once again enjoy great popularity. Greco-Roman motifs, mythological and allegorical depictions are the themes of choice.

During the Restoration, the clock is perfected: the silk thread is replaced by a leaf suspension. Wood and porcelain come back into style. The Romantic era clock emerges, inspired by daily life and contemporary events. The Louis-Philippe style clock reconnects with the gothic art of the Middle Ages: we see the appearance of the cathedral clock. Associated with pastiches, the Napoleon III style confers on the 18th century clock a decorative excess based on amorous scenes and inlaid ceramic plaques.