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18th century
Garniture de Cheminée

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Galerie Berger

18th century
A Louis XV Dragon clock

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Galerie AnticTac

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The Louis XV-Era Clock

The Louis XV clock has asymmetrical and highly animated decoration typical of the rococo style. Finely worked gilt bronze has place of honour on the Louis XV clock, making it a true work of art. Its face is surrounded by animated foliage. The chinoiserie decoration and Vernis Martin lacquer are a significant presence on the Louis XV clock, imitating the lacquerware of the Far East.

During the reign of Louis XV, the display clock is more akin to a Cartel clock but rests in contrast on a bronze base. It is ornamented with numerous characters and mythological scenes. The most luxurious clock models are complemented by motifs or figures in porcelain (such as Meissen). It is during the reign of Louis XV that clocks decorated with animals emerge: an elephant or a bull carries the clock's face.