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French Regence commode (Chest-of-drawers): generous curves

The Regence commode stirs up 18th century decorative arts as much by its elegant refinement as by its bold lavishness. A subtle blend of precious marquetried wood and finely worked bronzes, the Regence commode features more plumpness in its curves. Birds, shells, chimeras, espagnolettes and horns of plenty illustrate its homage to nature with refinement.

With its marble plateau, The French Regence style commode was produced in several models: the "commode galbée"; the "commode en tombeau" or "à la Régence", comprised of three drawers mounted on little flared feet; or even the "commode sauteuse", lighter with two large drawers resting on high, curved legs.

Although the French Regence commode is rarely stamped, (a requirement made obligatory in 1751), one sometimes finds a hallmark with a "crowned C" on its bronzes.

The greatest cabinetmakers of the Regence were Charles Cressent (1685-1768), cabinetmaker to the Régent of France, Philippe d'Orléans; François Mondon (1694-1770); Gilles Joubert (1689-1775); as well as Etienne Doirat (circa 1675-1732)-- by no means an exhaustive list.