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The Régence fauteuil (armchair)

The Régence fauteuil retained the lines of the late Louis XIV style. It was still rectilinear but the upper part of its backrest was twisted (chantourné), with cabriole legs (pieds-de-biche), and subsequently, legs with S-curves. The arm supports are no longer aligned with the legs but set further back. Stretchers disappeared. The seat rail is serpentine, curved, and decorated with a central scallop shell.

The Régence fauteuil is made of beech, walnut, or oak. The wooden back frame was now visible. Cane chairs were very fashionable in the Régence style: the back and seat are caned, or covered with floral fabrics or tapestries. The arms are enhanced with upholstered arm pads (manchettes), which rest on ‘S’-shaped crosier arm supports with stylised foliage. The X-shaped stretcher became increasingly rare.