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18th century
Louis XIV Cabinet in ebony

15 000 €

La Jurande

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Armoires of the 18th century

In the 18th century, the armoire remained a very fashionable item. In veneered or solid wood, it espoused a variety of dimensions according to its use, from the meuble d'appui and the bonnetiere (intended for the storage of hats) to armoires surpassing 2.5 metres in height. With a rather more sober overall appearance, the armoire featured straight lines and light ornamentation. During the Regence period, however, it conformed to rococo rules: its cornice, posts, front, lower crosspiece and legs were curved.

The pediment and wood panels were moulded and carved. Provincial armoires enjoyed enormous success during the reign of Louis XV. In oak or walnut, both Provençale and Normande armoires were greatly valued for their elegant sturdiness. At the end of the 18th century, the armoire was more often produced in mahogany, cherry wood or walnut. The marquetry diamond shape was characteristic of the Directoire armoire.