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Armoires of the 17th century

The armoire is a solid piece that appeared in the second half of the 17th century. It replaced the trunk or chest. During the Gothic period, the 17th century armoire was incorporated into panelling, in the form of an oak cupboard adorned with decorative fittings. The two-piece armoire is difficult to distinguish from the buffet and the cabinet. During the reign of Louis XIII, the armoire was a favourite furnishing. Some 17th century armoires include a central drawer above the base, and feet in the form of an oblate sphere. In oak or walnut, the 17th century armoire includes a simple cornice with straight edges. It is opened by two or four doors when comprised of two stacked pieces. In the 17th century, typical ornamentation found on armoires in the Louis XIII style is the carved diamond motif, framed by twisted pillars.