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Fourques wedding armoire
Fourques wedding armoire - Furniture Style Louis XV Fourques wedding armoire - Fourques wedding armoire - Louis XV Antiquités - Fourques wedding armoire
Ref : 110046
4 000 €
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
France, Arles
Medium :
Solid walnurt wood
Dimensions :
l. 55.91 inch X H. 96.46 inch X P. 24.8 inch
Furniture  - Fourques wedding armoire 18th century - Fourques wedding armoire Louis XV - Fourques wedding armoire Antiquités - Fourques wedding armoire
Antiquités Philippe Glédel

18th Furniture, country french furniture

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Fourques wedding armoire

Louis XV wedding armoire in molded, carved and reddened walnut.
Fourques - Provence - 18th century.

Large solid walnut armoire from Arles, topped with a thick straight cornice, opening with two doors in an accolade with three molded panels. The crosspieces are hollow-molded in the particular Fourques style, the bottom one well-cut and carved with clashing scrolls. The sides of the cabinet are also richly molded, echoing the volutes on the front, and the front jambs are decorated with moldings and "snail" feet. The interior features three shelves, the center one with three drawers including a smaller one locked by a large iron lock, the lower one with a large drawer echoing the lower crosspiece, all richly molded.
Note the quality of the metal fittings, the triple pair of long openwork iron escutcheons, the six thick larder plugs, the small escutcheon in the central drawer and the four handsome platinum handles.
Of particular note is a very rare locking system with three locks (each with a beveled latch bolt) linked by a cremone bolt, the very large central lock with two bolts, one spring-loaded to operate the cremone bolt and the other with a classic dead bolt. A single (and superb) key controls the opening and closing of the right leaf, while the left is fitted with a handsome espagnolette.
Well-proportioned, well-molded and well-shod model of excellent craftsmanship.
Excellent, unrestored condition, with all original fittings. Reworked by our carpenter.

Red furniture is found by tradition in some regions of France. We're reminded of the furniture made by the salt workers of the Guérande peninsula, but these are painted, whereas the stain used here is relatively transparent, reminiscent of that used by Parisian cabinetmakers (for backs and interiors) and especially by the Hache family on walnut furniture from Grenoble. We don't know its composition, but it's certainly based on hide glue and red ochre. Pierre and Jean-François used this staining technique on solid walnut dressers. Fourques is also used to reddening furniture, most often on alder cabinets. Let's be clear, then, that this is a walnut cabinet, and an excellent quality one at that.

Fourques, Arles region, late 18th century.

Dimensions :
Height 2.45m x Width 1.42m x Depth 0.63m.
Cornice (1.68m wide x 0.72m deep).

Antiquités Philippe Glédel


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