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Cats (Chine, 1771 ou 1831)
Cats (Chine, 1771 ou 1831) - Asian Works of Art Style Cats (Chine, 1771 ou 1831) -
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3 900 €
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Watercolour, paper
Dimensions :
l. 33.46 inch X H. 25.59 inch
Asian Works of Art  - Cats (Chine, 1771 ou 1831) 18th century - Cats (Chine, 1771 ou 1831)
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Cats (Chine, 1771 ou 1831)

The success of representations of cats did not start with the arrival of Instagram. This charming Chinese painting (watercolour on paper) with playful little cats is a great example.
The accompanying poem is an enumeration of names of cats (‘Purple Blossoms’, ‘White Phoenix’, ‘Round Blackie’, ‘Brocade Belt’, ‘Pattern of Clouds’ and ‘Ten thousand wreaths of 1000 cash’) that culminates in a compliment for their master (for whom this work of art was made). It is dated ‘Second month of the winter of the year of the Hare’. According to Chinese astrology (the combination of 12 zodiac signs with the 5 Chinese elements) this year recurs every 60 years. It is the year of the ‘Metal Hare’. As stylistically the painting can be situated in early 19th or late 18th century, the appropriate years would be 1771 or 1831. One cat is playing with a scepter (ruyi), which is a reference to the ‘Master’ in the poem, also ‘ruyi’ in classical Chinese.
Condition: wear, slightly faded, multiple little holes in the paper. New frame.
Dimensions (without frame): 85x65cm
‘Purple Blossoms’, ‘White Phoenix’ and ‘Round Blackie’
‘Brocade Belt’, ‘Pattern of Clouds’ and ‘Ten thousand wreaths of 1000 cash’ are worth 10.000 wreaths of 1000 cash
They know that their master is very fortunate
And come to play together in front of the flowers

Second wintermonth of the year of the hare.
(Seal of) Huan Ting & Ji Fan

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