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Travel set signed Aucoc Aîné, circa 1835.
Travel set signed Aucoc Aîné, circa 1835. - Objects of Vertu Style Louis-Philippe Travel set signed Aucoc Aîné, circa 1835. - Travel set signed Aucoc Aîné, circa 1835. - Louis-Philippe Antiquités - Travel set signed Aucoc Aîné, circa 1835.
Ref : 83574
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Aucoc aîné Rue de la Paix, 4 bis Paris
Provenance :
France, Paris
Dimensions :
L. 19.29 inch X H. 6.5 inch X P. 11.02 inch
Objects of Vertu  - Travel set signed Aucoc Aîné, circa 1835. 19th century - Travel set signed Aucoc Aîné, circa 1835. Louis-Philippe - Travel set signed Aucoc Aîné, circa 1835. Antiquités - Travel set signed Aucoc Aîné, circa 1835.
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Travel set signed Aucoc Aîné, circa 1835.

Important travel set early 19th century signed Aucoc Aîné, circa 1835, in silver and vermeil, ivory, Paris porcelain and rosewood, its box is in mahogany enhanced with brass; each piece is engraved with the number of its owner. Kit including; two large flasks with cut sides and lids in silver and vermeil, a teapot in silver and vermeil with removable handle in ivory and silver, a cylindrical sponge box in silver and vermeil, and covered pot in silver and vermeil with removable handle in ivory and silver (the handle used for the two), a silver pill box, a silver and vermeil cup, a silver and vermeil covered alcohol stove, a circular silver tripods, a modular candlestick (and its bobèche) in hand and (or) with silver barrel, two pairs of molded glass flasks (large and small) with molded glass stoppers (for small ones) and silver lids, one ribbed glass water glass and silver lid, two rectangular molded glass boxes and openwork silver lids, a large molded glass jar and silver lids, a circular molded glass box and silver lids, a small silver funnel, molded glass inkwell and silver lid, a box feathered recta molded glass handle and silver lids, a modular ivory and silver-plated pencil case, a silver seal and ivory handle, a document holder lined with gilded morocco with small iron, a wax box with a lid, a box of ogee shape with double compartments with individual silver lids, a white Paris porcelain cup and saucer with gilded threads (old repairs), a silver dessert spoon, a silver spoon and fork, a cheese knife in silver, a fruit knife in metal and silver, a folding knife and its corkscrew in metal and ivory handle, a silver egg cup, two hollowed-out metal razors and ivory hunting, a razor leather in its box, a badger hair shaving brush with removable silver handle, ivory beard comb in its case, fold-out mustache ruler, hair comb in case, back hair hand brush and solid rosewood handle in its case, a clothes brush with solid rosewood back in its case, a matchbox with flap with double scrapers, silver-metal scissors (changed), tweezers with silver-metal uncle file, two toothpicks in silver metal and ivory handle, two tendrils in silver metal and ivory handle, two squared steps in silver metal, two hooks (small and large) in silver metal, two articulated clothes doors in silver metal, one napkin ring, an ivory shoehorn, A mirror framed in mahogany wood threaded with brass doubles the inside of the box cover, this one is equipped with a removable hook to hang it and a central foot. All of the partially assembled parts are skillfully housed in purpose-designed morocco compartments and on four removable levels supposedly in a solid mahogany cabinet. This one reinforced with bands of brass reinforcements embellished with nets and centered above the monogram number of its lucky owner in the same alloy. Each side is provided with touch cuffs, the face is centered with a brass touch keyhole. On the inner side edge, two appendages which feature a key and a hollowed out tendril. The key, once inserted into the winding system, activates four aiming feet designed to stabilize the box on a flat part, the hollowed-out twist in it allows to energize the execution of pre-holes. A thin brass plate covers the front edge of the box, it appears in italics Aucoc elder Rue de la Paix, 4 bis Paris. The silver coins bear the hallmarks of the old man, the first Paris title and that of the neck brace. The knives bear the signature of Antoine-Vital Cardeilhac and Aucoc with the brief mention of the king. The razor leather case has two labels on both sides;
The razors bear the signature of Joseph Elliot. In 1834, Casimir Aucoc Aîné, brief supplier to His Majesty the King and the royal family under the July Monarchy, moved to 4 bis rue de la Paix. Jean Baptiste Casimir Aucoc elder "called himself manufacturer of kits for the King and Princes and produced toilet kits for men and women, travel desks, liquor cellars, etc. Then, he extended the field of his activity by becoming a goldsmith . On July 30, 1839, he had his hallmark (a rooster and a star) insculpted. It should be noted that a nail file and an oval-shaped object are missing. Dimensions (closed box

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