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Large Medaillon (Limoges, 1210-1220)
Large Medaillon (Limoges, 1210-1220) - Objects of Vertu Style Middle age Large Medaillon (Limoges, 1210-1220) - Large Medaillon (Limoges, 1210-1220) - Middle age Antiquités - Large Medaillon (Limoges, 1210-1220)
Ref : 79940
Period :
<= 16th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Copper, enamel, gold, glass paste.
Dimensions :
Ø 3.54 inch
Objects of Vertu  - Large Medaillon (Limoges, 1210-1220) <= 16th century - Large Medaillon (Limoges, 1210-1220) Middle age - Large Medaillon (Limoges, 1210-1220) Antiquités - Large Medaillon (Limoges, 1210-1220)
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Large Medaillon (Limoges, 1210-1220)

Rare large (9 cm) Limoges medaillon. Central motive: wyvern attacking a lion. Eyes in white and black glass paste. Exterior circle: of the larger type, decorated with complex abstract motives in a fixed rhythm. Enamelled and gilt copper.This Medaillon is very similar to the Medaillon in Musée Cluny with inventory number Cl. 14700: same larger outer circle with same complex motive and central part depicting wyvern attacking wyvern.Provenance: from the heritage of Jakob Eschweiler (1894-1965). Jakob Eschweiler was head of the "Erzbischofliches Museum" (Museum of the Archbishop) in Cologne from 1926 until 1938. This museum, specialized in medieval art is now the famous Kolumba Museum in Cologne.
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