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The Louis XVI coiffeuse (dressing table)

The Louis XVI coiffeuse assumes more sobriety and simplicity. This fine piece displays geometric shapes and symmetrical ornamentation. By reconnecting with the straight lines typical of the Louis XVI style, the coiffeuse prominently features neoclassical style and the aesthetic of Antiquity: fluting, laurel leaves, egg-and-dart friezes, ribbon bows.

The Louis XVI coiffeuse spotlights veneered wood: mahogany in particular, but also rosewood and kingwood. Marquetry is frequently used. Straight and light, the legs of the Louis XVI coiffeuse are in the shape of columns, fluted, rectangular with sharp edges, spun or spiralled. In the Louis XVI era, the "barbière" makes its appearance: intended for use by gentlemen, this tall piece comprises stacked drawers in mahogany and mahogany veneers.