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The Louis XV table à jeux (Game table)

The Louis XV table à jeux is lightweight and manoeuvrable in order to be easily moved around the salon. Produced in mahogany, it assumes smaller dimensions. The antique table à jeux has a curved underframe, in the shape of deer legs ending in a little gilt bronze hoof or a die. The shell remains a key element of Louis XV style rococo motifs.

Under Louis XV, there was a table for each type of use and even for each game. Amongst Louis XV tables à jeux, let us mention the table de tric-trac with a reversible top, intended on one side for a game of cards and on the other for a game of draughts with its chequerboard; the table à jeux with a tray top; the table de piquet to play piquet; the table de brelan (pentagonal or round); and the table de Try (triangular).