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Bouquet de fleurs, Gustave Cariot, 1929
Bouquet de fleurs, Gustave Cariot, 1929 - Paintings & Drawings Style Art nouveau
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8 000 €
Period :
20th century
Artist :
Gustave Cariot
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on linen glued on panel
Le Dessin Moderne

Modern drawings (1900-1940)

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Bouquet de fleurs, Gustave Cariot, 1929

A great painting, which exhibits all the skills of Cariot as a "coloriste", which are not always immediatly obvious in his post-1900 paintings, while also showing a great sens of light, more usual in this period for him.
The blue/white shading of the plate is strongly reminiscent of the shading on the snow covered roofs of Paris, which he painted in the late 1890s.

This painting was realized on a series of 3 pieces of linen glued on a panel. This preparation of course dates from before painting, and it is not unusual from the artist to chose to paint on linen glued on panel, to benefit from the absorbency of linen and the rigidity of panel. This sort of preparation is exceptionally resistant to time.

Dimensions : 59 x 48 cm.
Framed: 77 x 61 cm.
Modern frame.

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