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Luce Maximilien (1858-1941) - Portrait Of Ambroisine Luce
Luce Maximilien (1858-1941) - Portrait Of Ambroisine Luce  - Paintings & Drawings Style Art nouveau Luce Maximilien (1858-1941) - Portrait Of Ambroisine Luce  -
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Luce Maximilien (1858-1941)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas mounted on panel
Dimensions :
l. 13.78 inch X H. 16.54 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Luce Maximilien (1858-1941) - Portrait Of Ambroisine Luce 20th century - Luce Maximilien (1858-1941) - Portrait Of Ambroisine Luce
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Luce Maximilien (1858-1941) - Portrait Of Ambroisine Luce

Maximilien Luce (1858-1941) was a French painter and engraver who is mainly associated with the Neo-Impressionist movement. Born in Paris into a modest family, Maximilien Luce began his career as an apprentice engraver at the age of four. He first studied wood engraving with the master engraver Eugène Froment, while attending evening classes at the École des Arts Décoratifs and the Ac. Luce discovered the art of painting and became friends with the artists Camille Pissarro and Georges Seurat. Influenced by Seurat's theories on divisionism, he quickly adopted the pointillist technique. His early works are characterised by scenes of everyday life, often in industrial settings. Luce became a key member of the Neo-Impressionist movement. He exhibited regularly with the group, and his works are distinguished by their vibrant use of colour and the pointillist technique. Notable works from this period include "La Grève" (1895) and "Le Quai Saint-Michel" (1890). Over the years, Luce evolved towards a freer, less strictly pointillist style. He continued to explore social themes, but also broadened his repertoire to include landscapes and war scenes, particularly those of the First World War.

Our painting "Portrait of Ambroisine Luce", painted in 1903, depicts his wife; she occupies an important place in his work, as Ambroisine was a recurring figure in his paintings. Luce often painted her in moments of everyday life, such as reading, sewing, or simply posing for him. In our painting we find a varied colour palette, including shades of pink, violet, green and blue, and the abstract background is textured with shades of yellow and pink.

The artist Severin Rappa, a friend of Luce, was the owner of this painting, as the label on the back reveals: "Ambroisine painted by my friend Luce in 1903. Severin Rappa". Rappa probably acquired the painting after Luce's death in 1941, having himself lost Ambroisine in 1940. We know of three drawings of Ambroisine dated 1903 by Rappa, the same year of our painting.

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