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Port scene - Frans GYSELS (1577-1666)
Port scene - Frans GYSELS (1577-1666)  - Paintings & Drawings Style Port scene - Frans GYSELS (1577-1666)  -
Ref : 96316
Period :
17th century
Artist :
Attribué à Frans GYSELS (1579-1657)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on copper
Dimensions :
L. 15.16 inch X l. 20.08 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Port scene - Frans GYSELS (1577-1666) 17th century - Port scene - Frans GYSELS (1577-1666)
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Port scene - Frans GYSELS (1577-1666)

In a river landscape with a low sun, we discover one of the activities at the edge of a river where the villagers deploy several activities at the foot of a mill
The scene is very similar to the river landscape we know of by Jan Brueghel (1568-1626) dated 1607 in the National Gallery in Washington.
on this basis, this painting was attributed by the gallery Florence De Voldère to the unknown artist FRANS GYSELS (1577-1666).
in 1994 JAN DE MAERE wrote about the life of the painter.
However, practically no attribution can be linked to this master.
Frans GYSELS also lived in Amsterdam from the age of 20, where the influence of Jan Brueghel was much weaker.
Pieter Gysel (1690), of whom many more works are known, is also closely associated with the work of Jan Brueghel.
In addition to the many works on the art market, the Rijksmuseum, the Stadel Museum in FRANKFURT and the ALTE Gemaldegalerie in Dresden have works signed by Peter GYSELS.
they all show a more refined style of painting, with slimmer figures and often with a vast panorama in the background.
the spelling of the entire signature does not match the capital letters on the white wrapper either.
this makes it difficult to attribute this work to Peter Gysels but rather to the unknown Frans GYSELS. In any case this painting can be placed among the many followers of JAN BRUEGHEL the Elder, which are in turn beautiful interpretations of his landscapes that are considered one of the highlights of 17th century landscape painting

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