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Market in Haifa - Emmanuel MANE-KATZ (1894-1962)
Market in Haifa - Emmanuel MANE-KATZ (1894-1962) - Paintings & Drawings Style Market in Haifa - Emmanuel MANE-KATZ (1894-1962) -
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Emmanuel MANE-KATZ (1894-1962)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on pannel
Dimensions :
l. 18.9 inch X H. 24.41 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Market in Haifa - Emmanuel MANE-KATZ (1894-1962)
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Market in Haifa - Emmanuel MANE-KATZ (1894-1962)

Mané-Katz's art seeks to keep the culture of the Torah alive.

His childhood was totally imbued with Jewish culture. His father, who was in charge of the synagogue, educated him according to the precepts of the Jewish religion
wishing him to become a rabbi.

The young boy learned to draw on the sly.

Mané-Katz is the painter of the rabbis, the ghettos, and the Righteous, the one of the dispersion, a true witness and poet of his people.

Even though he does not want to be only a Jewish painter and has dedicated works to flowers, to the landscapes of Paris, the Vendée and Brittany, he remains an interpreter of the Jewish communities of Central and Eastern Europe.

His works,
are colorful, lively,
expressive, attractive,
poetic and solar.

At his death in 1962
The newspaper Le Monde
will write :
The disappearance of Mané-Katz will affect not only those who followed his work with interest but also those familiar with Montparnasse, of which he was the most picturesque star.
There was both in his large paintings on the themes of the Bible or the circus, as well as in his behavior, an enthusiasm and a playfulness that belonged only to this Ukrainian from Paris.
One was sometimes astonished that they could emanate from this small, lively and humorous man.

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