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Madone of Trapani
Madone of Trapani - Sculpture Style Renaissance Madone of Trapani - Madone of Trapani - Renaissance Antiquités - Madone of Trapani
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Period :
<= 16th century
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Dimensions :
H. 25.79 inch
Sculpture  - Madone of Trapani <= 16th century - Madone of Trapani Renaissance - Madone of Trapani Antiquités - Madone of Trapani
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Madone of Trapani

Suite of the workshop of Domenico Gagini (1449-1492)
Virgin and Child in polychrome alabaster from the 16th century

The Trapani workshop has been known for its use of alabaster since the times of the Etruscans.
Here we find the virgin holding Christ on her left arm. This work was made in the image of the Madonna of Trapani by Nino Pisano (1315-1370) who was considered the protector of the people of the sea. The Madonna of Trapani is famous to the point that many copies, especially in alabaster , were made by various artists. The Virgin and Christ were crowned with goldsmiths.
There are remains of polychromy (blue, red, brown) and golden patterns on the drape. Our large and perfectly preserved sculpture comes from a private European collection.
It can be associated with the studio of Domenico Gagini (1449-1492), a great family of sculptors. After studying in Florence with Filippo Brunelleschi, he returned to Genoa and put himself at the service of the King of Spain, which took him to Sicily. One of the grandest achievements is the decoration of the choir of Palermo Cathedral.

65.5cm high by 29cm wide and 18cm deep

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