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 Japan, A glazed tea bowl by Eiraku (1823-1896), Gonse collection.
 Japan, A glazed tea bowl by Eiraku (1823-1896), Gonse collection. - Asian Works of Art Style
Ref : 85974
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Eiraku Zengoro
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 3.15 inch | Ø 4.92 inch
Asian Works of Art  -  Japan, A glazed tea bowl by Eiraku (1823-1896), Gonse collection.
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Japan, A glazed tea bowl by Eiraku (1823-1896), Gonse collection.

A glazed tea bowl by Eiraku Wazen (Eiraku Zengoro XII) (1823-1896)
Eldest son of Hozen. He was very fond of Ninsei, and in 1852, he and his younger brother-in-law, Munesaburo (Kaizen) opened the new Eiraku Omuro Kiln on the remains of the Ninsei Kiln. Afterwards in the 14th year of the Tenpo Era (1843), he inherited the 12th generation name of Eiraku due to his father Hozen's retirement.
Eiraku Zengoro XII (Wazen, 1823-1896) was one of the most influential potters of his time, setting the stage for the revival of and modernization of Kyoyaki, based on models by Koetsu, Kenzan and Ninsei. Although named Sentaro, he was more commonly referred to by the name Zengoro, and used also the name Wazen after 1865. He was trained under his father, Hozen, who was a compatriot of Ninnami Dohachi and Aoki Mokubei, and rightfully one of the most famous potters of the later Edo. Zengoro was given the reins to the family business quite early, in 1843, and managed the day to day running of the kiln while his father sought to perfect porcelain products in Kyoto. From 1852 to 1865 the family worked from a kiln at Ninnaji temple. Attracting the attention of a Daimyo from Kaga, from 1866-1870 he worked to revitalize a porcelain kiln in that area, coming to produce classic wares which are prized to this day.
8cm x 12,2

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