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Female Saint (Italy, 15th century)
Female Saint (Italy, 15th century) - Sculpture Style Renaissance Female Saint (Italy, 15th century) - Female Saint (Italy, 15th century) - Renaissance Antiquités - Female Saint (Italy, 15th century)
Ref : 81081
Period :
<= 16th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Wood (swiss pine, cirmolo)
Dimensions :
L. 27.56 inch X l. 7.09 inch X P. 5.91 inch
Sculpture  - Female Saint (Italy, 15th century) <= 16th century - Female Saint (Italy, 15th century) Renaissance - Female Saint (Italy, 15th century) Antiquités - Female Saint (Italy, 15th century)
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Female Saint (Italy, 15th century)

What a beauty! Highly elegant female Saint with mysterious smile and gentle facial expression looks at us with inviting eyes. She holds her body in a soft yet sensual S-shaped sway. Her hair is pulled backwards and tied together with a ribbon. The minimal folding of her dress is exclusively vertical and gives it an almost fluid dimension. This lack of superfluous folding in the gown, together with a facial expression and hairdo that is inspired by classical antiquity points towards an origin in the early 15th century somewhere in the North of Italy. The tips of two pointed shoes peek from under her dress. Remains of original green and red polychromy. Wear consistent with the age, some splitting, both arms missing. Probably Swiss pinewood (cirmolo). Tiny part of the base missing.
She is truly enchanting.
Dimensions: 70x18x15cm.

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