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Byzantine Mortar (6th-11th century)
Byzantine Mortar (6th-11th century) - Ancient Art & Antiquities Style Middle age Byzantine Mortar (6th-11th century) - Byzantine Mortar (6th-11th century) - Middle age Antiquités - Byzantine Mortar (6th-11th century)
Ref : 66009
Period :
16th century
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 4.33 inch X l. 3.94 inch X H. 6.69 inch
Ancient Art & Antiquities  - Byzantine Mortar (6th-11th century) 16th century - Byzantine Mortar (6th-11th century) Middle age - Byzantine Mortar (6th-11th century) Antiquités - Byzantine Mortar (6th-11th century)
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Byzantine Mortar (6th-11th century)

Beige breccie stone, Byzantine (VIth-XIth century), Mediterranean.
The outside has been kept rather rough except for some incisions in the rectangular foot and curved protuberances on the four corners. The elongated chalice-like form points towards an origin somewhere in the mediterranean, maybe Egypt.
19x11x10 cm

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