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Female Saint (16th century)
Female Saint (16th century) - Sculpture Style Middle age Female Saint (16th century) - Female Saint (16th century) - Middle age Antiquités - Female Saint (16th century)
Ref : 65800
Period :
16th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Soft wood
Dimensions :
L. 28.35 inch
Sculpture  - Female Saint (16th century) 16th century - Female Saint (16th century) Middle age - Female Saint (16th century) Antiquités - Female Saint (16th century)
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Female Saint (16th century)

Germany, 16th century, soft wood (limewood?), 72 cm.
The female saint with curly hair is clad in an elegantly draped dress, the folds of which are very rich and full of motion. They give an unusual dynamic to this exquisite statue.
As she has lost her attributes, it is impossible to define exactly which saint is depicted here.
The sparsely remaining polychromy (red, blue, gold) add subtlety to her beauty. Her androgynous face puzzles the spectator with an enigmatic Mona Lisa-like smile. The movement of the dress and the loss of the feet have transformed her into a mysteriously floating angel.

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