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Archangel Michael, France, 16th century
Archangel Michael, France, 16th century - Sculpture Style Middle age
Ref : 65711
19 000 €
Period :
16th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Wood (oak)
Dimensions :
L. 31.5 inch
Weight :
10 Kg
Sculpture  - Archangel Michael, France, 16th century
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Archangel Michael, France, 16th century

Southern France around 1500, oak, fully sculpted and polychromed (superposed layers), metallic anklerings, 80cm

The Archangel is represented while slaying the demon at his feet with his sword (its empty sheath balances at his waist) in his right hand. He wears his curly hair as a crown around his juvenile face bearing an extremely soft and serene expression. His harness of Italian inspiration together with his soft facial expression suggest an origin somewhere in the southeast of France (maybe Dauphiné or Provence) at the end of the xvth and beginning of xvith century. The hand of the demon still clasps the upper part of his leg.

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