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Ship in Ice, c.1910-1912, By Artur Bianchini
Ship in Ice, c.1910-1912, By Artur Bianchini  - Paintings & Drawings Style Ship in Ice, c.1910-1912, By Artur Bianchini  -
Ref : 105609
Period :
20th century
Artist :
Artur Bianchini (1869-1955)
Provenance :
Medium :
oil on board
Dimensions :
l. 9.84 inch X H. 6.89 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Ship in Ice, c.1910-1912, By Artur Bianchini
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Ship in Ice, c.1910-1912, By Artur Bianchini

Artur Bianchini (1869-1955) Sweden

Ship in Ice, c.1910-1912

oil on a Winsor and Newton board
signed Artur Bianchini
board 17.5 x 25 cm
frame 26.5 x 34 cm

A Swedish private collection.

We are delighted to present ”Ship in Ice” by the Swedish artist Artur Bianchini - a stunning oil painting depicting a ship sailing through ice. The small canvas captures the ship as its central focus, navigating through waters tinted in golden hues, hinting at the twilight hour. The bluish-golden sky above adds a touch of mystery to the scene, while a wispy trail of smoke emanates from the vessel, adding a sense of movement and adventure.

In the background, a distant land with a small lighthouse comes into view, adding a sense of both safety and exploration. The ice itself is masterfully painted in various shades of blue, bringing out the chilling atmosphere of the frozen Baltic Sea.

This painting was possibly exhibited at Liljevalchs Artur Bianchini exhibition in 1939, cataloged as number 147 ”Fartyg i is - Ship in Ice" and dated 1912. The board used here is from Winsor and Newton LTD, sold around 1910-1915, further supporting our belief that the artwork was created around 1910-1912.

Artur Bianchini was a visionary artist renowned for his ability to capture the raw beauty of nature and maritime scenes with an exceptional eye for detail. His mastery of colors and atmospheric elements is evident in this mesmerizing painting, as he transports the viewer into a world of frozen wonder and daring exploration.

This exceptional artwork not only embodies the brilliance of Artur Bianchini's talent but also serves as a timeless reminder of the allure and unpredictability of nature's frozen landscapes.

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