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Pair Of Unusual Candelabras XIXth
Pair Of Unusual Candelabras XIXth - Lighting Style Pair Of Unusual Candelabras XIXth - Pair Of Unusual Candelabras XIXth -
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Period :
19th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Chiseled and gilded bronze
Lighting  - Pair Of Unusual Candelabras XIXth 19th century - Pair Of Unusual Candelabras XIXth
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Pair Of Unusual Candelabras XIXth

These luminaires, very inspired by Rocaille decorations, are composed of a large base decorated with foliage and openwork trellis panels.
The six sconces are in foliage and carry binets in leaf corollas too. At the start of the arms, three rolled up and swirling leaves create a kind of conch in the center.
The peculiarity of these candelabra lies in the inverted proportions of the habit. They are low and wide, resembling a centerpiece in a way. The central conch, although it is not made for this, can carry three large rose or peony buds, giving a very "Ancien Régime" charm to these lights, and the spacing of the arms does not crush this small impromptu bouquet .
The carving work is exceptional and very close to that of the Ancien Régime, the particularity of which was a chiseled decoration on the barely visible parts. The arms of light are decorated with detached bays, ending in scrolls on which a binet and its very worked counter cup are grasped .

State :
No accidents, normal age wear, on the gold of the base ("avenging rag. of the maid" as the old merchants said). Hinges intact and rare and invisible lack of age of the gold highlights.

Height: 27 cm, base diameter: 23 cm, arm diameter: 50 cm.

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