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Saint Cecilia in Her Tomb - France, 17th century
Saint Cecilia in Her Tomb - France, 17th century - Religious Antiques Style Louis XIV
Ref : 97163
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on panel
Dimensions :
L. 24.8 inch X l. 18.5 inch
Religious Antiques  - Saint Cecilia in Her Tomb - France, 17th century
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Saint Cecilia in Her Tomb - France, 17th century

Oil on panel, Body of Saint Cecilia martyr (patron Saint of music), inscription "In this form the body of Saint Cecilia was found in a wooden chest under the great altar of the church dedicated to Her honour in Rome on the 20th of October 1599". In 17th century French “En cefte forme af efté trouvé le corps de Sfe Cecille, dans vn coffre de bois souz le grand avtel de l'églife dediée a fon honneur a Rome: le XXe d'oct.1599.”.
Her remains were found in 821 in the catacombs of Saint Calixtus and then transferred to the Trastevere district, where a basilica was built to house Her. During the excavations of 1599, the body was exhumed and to the amazement of those present, it was found intact and in its original position.
Small scratches, stains, impurities, old restorations, tiny piece of the upper right corner missing. As it is. Dimensions: 63x47 cm.

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