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The Marine Genius - Jean Debay (1802-1862)
The Marine Genius - Jean Debay (1802-1862) - Sculpture Style The Marine Genius - Jean Debay (1802-1862) -
Ref : 96367
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Jean Debay (1802-1862)
Provenance :
Medium :
White Carrara marble
Dimensions :
L. 33.46 inch X l. 18.9 inch X H. 39.76 inch
Sculpture  - The Marine Genius - Jean Debay (1802-1862) 19th century - The Marine Genius - Jean Debay (1802-1862)

Marble Sculptures from 1800 to 1950

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The Marine Genius - Jean Debay (1802-1862)

"The Genius of the Marine" is an allegorical sculpture representing both navigation at sea and the persistence of love. Steering by oar, the angel sits boldly on a folded sail, determining his own course at his own speed. This depiction of unchanging love is perfectly represented by the artist.

The son of the prominent Belgian sculptor of the same name, Jean-Baptiste-Joseph De Bay, enjoyed a successful career and became one of the most important French sculptors of his time. Born in Nantes in 1802, De Bay studied with his father and entered the École des Beaux-Arts in 1820. After beginning his career at the Salon, he won the Prix de Rome in 1829, and it was during his stay in the Eternal City that the present marble was sculpted (1832).

Back in Paris, De Bay remained sought after and prolific until his death. He presented "Le Génie de la Marine" at the Petits-Augustins in Paris in 1832 and then at the Salon de Paris in 1833. It was at this recognized cultural event that the sculpture was purchased by the renowned banker Mr. Hoppe and transported to his home in Amsterdam. The sculpture will remain in Amsterdam until 2010.
We cannot say with certainty that it remained the property of Mr. Hoppe's descendants, although the probability is high.

In Paris, Jean De Bay worked on several important buildings, including the Louvre Palace and the churches of the Madeleine and Saint-Eustache.
He also executed numerous commemorative statues, some of which are in the Musée de Versailles. The Musée du Louvre holds a bronze group entitled Le Génie de la chasse (inv. no. RF 149), which was shown at the 1855 Exposition Universelle and for which De Bay was awarded a second-class medal.

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