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Phryné - james Pradier (1790/1852)
Phryné - james Pradier (1790/1852) - Sculpture Style Napoléon III Phryné - james Pradier (1790/1852) - Phryné - james Pradier (1790/1852) - Napoléon III Antiquités - Phryné - james Pradier (1790/1852)
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
James Pradier (1790/1852)
Dimensions :
H. 25.98 inch
Weight :
15 Kg
Sculpture  - Phryné - james Pradier (1790/1852) 19th century - Phryné - james Pradier (1790/1852) Napoléon III - Phryné - james Pradier (1790/1852) Antiquités - Phryné - james Pradier (1790/1852)
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Phryné - james Pradier (1790/1852)

Legendary scene or Phryne courtesan of Greek antiquity accused of impiety, is unveiled before his judges by his defender Hyperides, his sublime beauty will allow his acquittal.
Bronze statue of beautiful size produced in the second half of the nineteenth century by the publisher and founder Susse Frères (stamps and brand AVS: Amédée and Victor Susse) after the marble work of James Pradier. Patina natural and nuanced medal on the drape as well as the base. Elegance and grace are the spirit of this sculpture.
Jean-Jacques dit James Pradier was born in Geneva in 1790. After studying drawing in his hometown, he resided in Paris in 1807 and entered the Beaux-Arts the following year. Obtaining a First Prize of Rome in 1813 he will stay four years at the Villa Medici. His refined and meticulous works often inspired by antiquity will make him one of the most appreciated sculptors under Louis-Philippe. Author of many monumental statues: Allegories of the Molière fountain, grandiose pediment at the Luxembourg Palace, the 12 Victories around the tomb of Napoleon 1st at the Invalides... The highest distinctions will be awarded to him. Victim of an apoplexy, he disappeared in 1852 in Bougival.

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