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Cottage under the snow - Victor CHARRETON (1864 -1936)
Cottage under the snow - Victor CHARRETON (1864 -1936)  - Paintings & Drawings Style Cottage under the snow - Victor CHARRETON (1864 -1936)  -
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24 000 €
Period :
20th century
Artist :
Victor Charreton (1900 - 1936)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on carboard
Dimensions :
l. 20.87 inch X H. 15.75 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Cottage under the snow - Victor CHARRETON (1864 -1936)
Galerie Saint Martin

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Cottage under the snow - Victor CHARRETON (1864 -1936)

"Art is the gesture of the aspiration to beauty,
gesture for us naive, and fervent....
A painting, must be a rare disposition of colors and lines arranged for our visual preference,
and evoke in us a moment of interior life.....
All the appeal of an irresistible work is what one does not see there...
I would like to follow only my instinct which carries me to seek the beauty in the nature".
Victor Charreton

Victor Charreton,is part of this generation of painters
who will dedicate himselfalmost exclusively to the landscapes,
after the impressionists.

"He is the painter of snow,
of flowery gardens
of white water, of undergrowth.
He expressed them in a technique
inspired by impressionism,
ut without any concern of school.
He saw things,
with subtle eyes
and an extreme sensitivity.

La Dépêche
Août 1939

Charretonwill be throughout his careerin search of light and color.
Magician of the color,(title of a book dedicated to him),he will not have of cease,of tuning themto give to the spectatorsthe vision of a nature,
powerful and poetic.

Our landscapewith its cameos of purple and phosphorescent pinks,
its gradations of brown and white and its touches of bright orange, is a manifesto of color!

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