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Desk ''Dos d'âne'' J. F Hache circa 1770
Desk ''Dos d'âne'' J. F Hache circa 1770 - Furniture Style Louis XV Desk ''Dos d'âne'' J. F Hache circa 1770 - Desk ''Dos d'âne'' J. F Hache circa 1770 - Louis XV
Ref : 94331
Period :
18th century
Artist :
Attribué à Jean-François Hache
Provenance :
Dimensions :
l. 27.56 inch X H. 35.83 inch X P. 16.93 inch
Furniture  - Desk ''Dos d'âne'' J. F Hache circa 1770 18th century - Desk ''Dos d'âne'' J. F Hache circa 1770 Louis XV - Desk ''Dos d'âne'' J. F Hache circa 1770
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Desk ''Dos d'âne'' J. F Hache circa 1770

Very pretty little sloping desk, four sides, made of solid cherry wood decorated with native wood reserves, attributed to Jean-François HACHE.
On the flap, two linden burr reserves surround a central oval-shaped motif composed of a marquetry of kingwood cubes surrounded by a rosewood fillet.
The flap opens with stop hinges (characteristic element of JF Hache's production). It discovers four drawers and a locker, as well as a box opening by two slides revealing a secret cache over the entire width of the desk.
The front crosspiece is decorated with three reserves in olive tree marquetry.
The back is also embellished with a decor of dark wood fillets.
This charming speed bump rests on four elegant curved legs ending in doe hooves.

The quality and choice of wood, the elegance of the forms, the correctness of the proportions, the very personal interpretation of the decor... undoubtedly belong to the characteristic repertoire of the famous Grenoble cabinetmaker Jean-François HACHE.
To complete this attribution, we can refer to the renowned book ''Le Génie des Axes'' by Pierre and Françoise Rouge observing the following similarities:
Crowbars (Louis XV desk page 324 – flat desk page 331 – sloping desk page 383
Reserve decorations (sloping desk page 383)
Hinges with stops (speed bump desk page 379 – lady’s desk page 377) – speed bump desk page 373
Net ornamentation (dressing table page 442)

L. 70 cm x H. 91 cm x D. 43 cm

Wood: Solid cherry, linden burl, olive, rose and violet wood
Attributed to Jean-François HACHE
Circa 1770

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