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An Antwerp Louis XIV 17th c. tortoiseshell cabinet,
An Antwerp Louis XIV 17th c. tortoiseshell cabinet,  - Furniture Style Louis XIV An Antwerp Louis XIV 17th c. tortoiseshell cabinet,  - An Antwerp Louis XIV 17th c. tortoiseshell cabinet,  - Louis XIV
Ref : 92558
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Antwerp, Flanders
Medium :
Tortoiseshell, bronze, exotic woods
Dimensions :
l. 55.12 inch X H. 72.44 inch X P. 20.47 inch
Furniture  - An Antwerp Louis XIV 17th c. tortoiseshell cabinet, 17th century - An Antwerp Louis XIV 17th c. tortoiseshell cabinet,
Galerie Nicolas Lenté

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An Antwerp Louis XIV 17th c. tortoiseshell cabinet,

Our rectangle-shaped cabinet possesing a palace style front designed according to the models of classical architecture.

It opens with twelve drawers, two doors, a writing tablet and two drawers in the belt.

Each drawer is decorated with tortoiseshell cabochon in a carved bronze cartouche, framed by tortoiseshell rectangle, underlined by double ivory and ebony thread and mouldings.

The top drawer in the form of a pediment has the balustrade with mirror background whose two ends are crowned with winged horses in gilt bronze.

He receives in the center an ornament in the form of lions and chimeras confronted, gathered around a crest.

The central doors flanked by double columns, such as the doors of a palace, reveal an inner theater: under a celestial vault with a night sky dotted with stars and a crescent moon, a space composed of mirrors and niches alternated by half columns of carved and gilded wood.

The checkerboard floor of pieces of ivory and tortoiseshell receives three small mirrors.

The back of the door is decorated with an ivory rosette on the background of the tortoiseshell embedded in a frame of amaranth, kingwood, positioned in the center of a geometric decoration formed of e rectangles of amaranth on a background of ebony

The mirrors in theaters of the 17th century cabinets are used to capture the light coming from the outside to reflect it inside. These tricks of the cabinetmakers allowed to illuminate the statuettes or objects that were exhibited inside.

Collector's furniture par excellence, this cabinet also had a representative role and reflected the wealth of its owner. Installed in the reception rooms to amaze the visitors, its contents being secured inside thanks to the locks of the drawers and the central doors closed with keys.

The intricate decor, formed by the use of tortoiseshell cabochon and a pierced bronze frame, gives this piece of furniture with its strict lines elegant curves and a lively aspect.

These inventive and rhythmic forms associated with the transparency and brilliance of the tortoiseshell on a red background, the refinement of gilt bronze elements make this piece of furniture appear like a large size jewel.

Antwerp, 17th century

Excellent condition, original locks. The interior of drawers in oak.

The stand of later period composed of six columns joined by a tablet, in ebony veneer decorated with rectangles of tortoiseshell, underlined with ivory nets.


Height 72.44 in., width 55.12 in., depth 20.47 in.

Galerie Nicolas Lenté


Cabinet & Chest Louis XIV