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A Louis XVI armchairs by Louis Nicolas Pillot
A Louis XVI armchairs by Louis Nicolas Pillot - Seating Style Louis XVI A Louis XVI armchairs by Louis Nicolas Pillot - A Louis XVI armchairs by Louis Nicolas Pillot - Louis XVI Antiquités - A Louis XVI armchairs by Louis Nicolas Pillot
Ref : 92312
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
French, Nîmes.
Medium :
Molded wood, carved and lacquered
Dimensions :
l. 24.61 inch X H. 37.13 inch X P. 21.1 inch
Seating  - A Louis XVI armchairs by Louis Nicolas Pillot 18th century - A Louis XVI armchairs by Louis Nicolas Pillot Louis XVI - A Louis XVI armchairs by Louis Nicolas Pillot Antiquités - A Louis XVI armchairs by Louis Nicolas Pillot
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A Louis XVI armchairs by Louis Nicolas Pillot

Pair of molded, Pair of molded, carved and lacquered neoclassical cabriolet armchairs called Greek Louis XVI period, modeled by Pierre Pillot. Beautiful woodwork; wide back curved in medallion, armrests with very flared cuffs resting on consoles forming part of the belt by their locations directly above the forefoot by connecting dice. Each of these dice is carved with clover foliage in strong relief unifying the belt with the base consisting of four feet. All are sheathed, choked at the top and pinched on a square section base. Each of them is carved with a unique deep rudent groove. All of the woodwork is harmoniously highlighted with fine flat moldings. The set of extreme finesse without the slightest superfluity is sufficient on its own. Balance, nervousness, elegance and quality are the most appropriate terms for this very beautiful pair of seats. It should be noted the great care taken to the connecting elements of an irreproachable quality. The upholstery and upholstery are in good condition; only the slightly stained cover should eventually be repaired. Dimensions H 94.3cm, seat h 44.5cm, L 62.5cm, P 53.6cm (at the belt). A chair created by the hand of the most famous master cabinetmaker from Nîmes is recognizable at a glance. All the ornamental repertoire of neoclassical inspiration said to the strongly architectured Greek, up to the atypical base so representative of the master are represented there. Here, the base is not spindle as usual with its contemporaries but treated in progressive square sections called sheath; each side is wound up with a single large and deep rudent groove. The work of sculpture of a decoration of moldings of the armrest hands are not treated in converging ellipses at the end of these as usual but on the totality of the said hand, thereby amplifying the decoration . All its details combined with the attested facts that Pillot did not stamp all his production in favor of a promotional label for his workshop in the style of the Hache Grenoblois; converge on the attribution of these seats to the Nîmes master. Observations: Good state of conservation, woodwork without grafts or joints. Pierre Nicolas Pillot, born in Fontenay in 1748 and died in Nîmes in 1822, is a carpenter active in Nîmes at the end of the 18th century and at the beginning of the 19th century. At thirteen, Pierre Pillot was apprenticed to Mathieu Bauve for a period of six years. He works with this Parisian master probably nine years as a companion. He graduated in 1780. His workshop was located in the Prat district on Île du Collège. Because of his training in the Parisian community Pillot stamped part of his production. Pillot stamped part of his production. His training in the Parisian community undoubtedly explains this practice. Henri Vial reports, in his work published in 1912, the existence of a label discovered on a late Louis XVI console. This label, torn in two places and incomplete, stated “Pillot, a master carpenter sells all kinds of furniture, English-style armchairs, in medallions […] as in upholstery, Turkish beds, ottoman, all-in-one sofa [ …] Than in my […] chests of drawers, Greek-style tables […] at a fair price […] Nismes near market N ° 106 ”. In smaller letters was indicated "[...] to make on the spot those which will be ordered to him".
Price : 1800 €
Artist : Pierre Nicolas Pillot, Maître 1780.
Period:18th century
Style:Louis 16th, Directory

Width : 62.5cm
Height : 94.3cm

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