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Small Gothic Ivory Plaque (France, ca 1350)
Small Gothic Ivory Plaque (France, ca 1350) - Religious Antiques Style Middle age Small Gothic Ivory Plaque (France, ca 1350) - Small Gothic Ivory Plaque (France, ca 1350) - Middle age
Ref : 91873
Period :
11th to 15th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Ivory, silver
Dimensions :
l. 1.77 inch X H. 2.76 inch X P. 0.16 inch
Religious Antiques  - Small Gothic Ivory Plaque (France, ca 1350) 11th to 15th century - Small Gothic Ivory Plaque (France, ca 1350)
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Small Gothic Ivory Plaque (France, ca 1350)

Gothic Ivory Plaque (France, ca 1350)
In central position: the Holy Virgin with child Jesus surrounded by the bearded St. John Baptist with Agnus Dei in His hands and Saint Francis of Assisi showing his stigmata on the other side. Pointed arch crowned with pinnacles. Two perforations in the upper corners. Most probably used to decorate a book cover. Beautiful honeycoloured patina on the ivory.
In a 19th century silver frame with ring for suspension.
Dimensions: 7x4,5x0,4cm.

Similar panels can be found at:
Antwerp, Museum Mayer van den Bergh MMB.0451
Bloomington, Indiana University Art Museum 72.99.1.

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