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Vishnu Khmer 11th century
Vishnu Khmer 11th century - Asian Works of Art Style Vishnu Khmer 11th century - Vishnu Khmer 11th century -
Ref : 87432
25 000 €
Period :
11th to 15th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Polished Sandstone
Dimensions :
H. 23.62 inch
Asian Works of Art  - Vishnu Khmer 11th century 11th to 15th century - Vishnu Khmer 11th century
Galerie Samarcande

Ancient art, Islamic world, Asian art

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Vishnu Khmer 11th century

Rare presumed statue of the god Vishnu

Cambodia, Khmer, Angkor Period, Baphuon Style, 11th century

Polished Sandstone

H: 60 cm

Provenance: Private Parisian collection established during the 50s / 60s and preserved in the family tradition (attested by Me Morel, auctioneer in Paris) On the back, a collection number 151

He is represented standing, in the posture of Samabhanga.

The head wears the ornate mukuta tiara and nicely tied at the back. Her hair is pulled up in a bun. Her face is serene and gives a slight smile, her eyes are almond shaped, her brow bone continues. His lips are full and topped with an incised mustache.

Shirtless, he has the waist encircled by a sampo (loincloth), finely pleated and short, with an ample drape in the pocket on the left thigh, notched under the navel and rising to the hips and back. The drapes end in a sort of bow tie at the back. The whole is held in place by a belt.

Note the particularly successful modeling and polish of this sculpture, as well as many very refined details, which make this sculpture a great work.

Galerie Samarcande


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