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Corpus (Singhalo-Portuguese, ca 1600)
Corpus (Singhalo-Portuguese, ca 1600) - Religious Antiques Style Corpus (Singhalo-Portuguese, ca 1600) - Corpus (Singhalo-Portuguese, ca 1600) - Antiquités - Corpus (Singhalo-Portuguese, ca 1600)
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15 000 €
Period :
17th century
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 12.99 inch X l. 11.81 inch
Religious Antiques  - Corpus (Singhalo-Portuguese, ca 1600) 17th century - Corpus (Singhalo-Portuguese, ca 1600)  - Corpus (Singhalo-Portuguese, ca 1600) Antiquités - Corpus (Singhalo-Portuguese, ca 1600)
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Corpus (Singhalo-Portuguese, ca 1600)

Ivory, 33x30cm
The Portuguese occupied Ceylon (Sri Lanka) from 1505 until 1658. Similar to what happened in the Indian subcontinent or the Philippines, they commissioned local ivory carvers to sculpt christian statues and biblical scenes according to European models. These artefacts were then sold to monasteries, churches or wealthy laymen on the continent. Because of its scarcity ivory was utmost expensive and within that specific artistic trade, the ivory carvings from Ceylon were considered the most refined and were the most sought after. This corpus is a dazzling example of this craftmanship and artistic creativity: the elegance and fragile refinement are stunning. Not only did the artist give extreme attention to anatomic details (ribs, toes, tendons of fingers and knees...) but also the gracious facial expression make this artefact a unique and valuable object.

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