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Granary (Eastern Han Dynasty, 25 – 220 AD)
Granary (Eastern Han Dynasty, 25 – 220 AD) - Asian Art & Antiques Style Granary (Eastern Han Dynasty, 25 – 220 AD) - Granary (Eastern Han Dynasty, 25 – 220 AD) -
Ref : 65874
Period :
16th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 10.24 inch | Ø 4.72 inch
Asian Art & Antiques  - Granary (Eastern Han Dynasty, 25 – 220 AD) 16th century - Granary (Eastern Han Dynasty, 25 – 220 AD)  - Granary (Eastern Han Dynasty, 25 – 220 AD)
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Granary (Eastern Han Dynasty, 25 – 220 AD)

A cylindrical pottery model of a granary supported on three feet (worn face of bear) and with a slanting, roof-shaped top, the centre of which has an aperture. Six moulded vertical ridges and one horizontal incised bands divide the roof in two sections, each of which is decorated with stylized triangular cicada motifs. The straight sides are mainly undecorated, save for three horizontal incised bands that divide the body into three sections.
The jar was covered in a deep, glossy green glaze, leaving only the interior and the base unglazed, revealing the reddish pottery body. The ouside is heavily oxydized duet o the lead in the green paint, creating a wide spectrum of yellow-greenish shades in the colouring.
Granaries as these were funeral gifts, buried with the deceased as a symbol of wealth and to provide food in the afterlife.
Accompanied by its TL-test, confirming the authenticity of the object.
Height: 26 cm, bottom diameter 12 cm

The Metropolitan Museum of Art online collection archive, accession number: 13.100.11

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