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 Ivory Madonna and child
 Ivory Madonna and child - Sculpture Style Louis XIII  Ivory Madonna and child -  Ivory Madonna and child - Louis XIII
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Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Ivory and marble
Dimensions :
l. 2.36 inch X H. 6.3 inch X P. 1.57 inch
Sculpture  -  Ivory Madonna and child 17th century -  Ivory Madonna and child
Arnaud Huppé-Chambon

Indian art, Italian furniture, item of curiosity.

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Ivory Madonna and child

Carved ivory statuette depicting the Virgin and Child. The Virgin stands holding the Child in her right arm while he leans forward to touch her neck and hand. Both are crowned with high ivory crowns. The statuette rests on a base of sicily marble diaspro.

This statuette is copied from a well-known fourteenth century statue of the Virgin and Child in the Church of the Madonna at Trapani in Sicily, a statue attributed to Nino Pisano, made for the Carmelite Order. Devotion of the Trapani Madonna, led to numerous later copies and reduced replicas, of which this is one.

Arnaud Huppé-Chambon

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