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Love pruning its tree and Psyche
Love pruning its tree and Psyche - Porcelain & Faience Style Louis XVI
Ref : 112291
10 000 €
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 16.93 inch
Porcelain & Faience  - Love pruning its tree and Psyche
Frédéric Brossy

+41 763991106
Love pruning its tree and Psyche

These two biscuits porcelain depict Love cutting his bow from Hercules' mace, and Psyche.
L'Amour is based on a model by Edme Bouchardon (1698-1762), in the Louvre, produced in 1750.
These two sculptures are in biscuit, an unglazed earthenware fired between 980 and 1040 degrees Celsius.
The first biscuit porcelain sculptures were made in the mid-18th century at the Sèvres factory, in order to distinguish themselves from the polychrome productions of the Meissen factory.

Frédéric Brossy

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