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Europe and the bull
Europe and the bull - Sculpture Style Europe and the bull - Europe and the bull - Antiquités - Europe and the bull
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Period :
20th century
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L. 14.57 inch X l. 6.3 inch X H. 19.69 inch
Sculpture  - Europe and the bull 20th century - Europe and the bull  - Europe and the bull Antiquités - Europe and the bull

Marble Sculptures from 1800 to 1950

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Europe and the bull

"'Europe and the Bull', a sculpture from the 19th-20th century

The sculpture presented here illustrates the Greek myth of Europa. It depicts Europa and Zeus, who has taken the form of a bull to charm the young woman. The finely crafted sculpture represents the moment of the princess's abduction.

Focus on the myth of Europa...

In most accounts, Europa is presented as the daughter of the monarchs of Tyre in Phoenicia, known today as Lebanon. Gifted with exceptional beauty, she attracts the attention of Zeus. To approach her, the king of the gods transforms himself into a white bull and approaches her while she is walking on a beach. Charmed by the animal, Europa strokes it, and it lies down, inviting her to climb onto its back. Zeus then takes advantage of the opportunity to abduct her, escaping with her across the sea to Crete.

Europa is generally depicted looking towards the horizon, turned towards her homeland. Her brothers set out in search of her, and their adventures lead to a series of remarkable feats: explorations, colonizations, and the founding of new cities. The myth of Europa and the epics of her brothers have been a rich source of inspiration for many artists.

Although the term "Europe" has been used to designate a geographical region since the 7th century, it was not until 600 years later, with the Odes of the poet Horace, that the link between the myth of Europa and the continent was clearly established: 'Cease your sobbing, learn to bear your great fortune well. A part of the world will take your name.' Odes (Horace, Leconte de Lisle)/III/27."

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