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Wilhelm Dahlbom (1855-1928) - Moonlight, Idö 1912
Wilhelm Dahlbom (1855-1928) - Moonlight, Idö 1912 - Paintings & Drawings Style Wilhelm Dahlbom (1855-1928) - Moonlight, Idö 1912 - Wilhelm Dahlbom (1855-1928) - Moonlight, Idö 1912 -
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2 200 €
Period :
20th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 16.93 inch X H. 14.17 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Wilhelm Dahlbom (1855-1928) - Moonlight, Idö 1912 20th century - Wilhelm Dahlbom (1855-1928) - Moonlight, Idö 1912
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Wilhelm Dahlbom (1855-1928) - Moonlight, Idö 1912

Wilhelm Dahlbom (1855-1928) Sweden

Moonlight, Idö, 1912

oil on canvas
signed and dated Wilhelm Dahlbom Idö 1912.
unframed 36 x 43 cm
framed 54 x 60 cm

Overall very good condition, the original gold frame has some minor repairs.

Bukowskis Finland, 2 April 2008, lot 645, called "Kuunvaloa - Månsken. (1912)", Illustrated on page 88 of the catalog;
A private collection Finland.

We are pleased to present this exquisite piece by Swedish artist Wilhelm Dahlbom, entitled "Moonlight, Idö, 1912". This work captures the serene reflection of moonlight on water, the scene unfolding on a rugged shoreline where the relentless caress of the sea has smoothed the rocks over time. It is an evocative portrayal of nature's timeless beauty and power.

The location depicted is Idö, which could refer to the islands of the same name either in Västervik or Norrtälje, known for their picturesque landscapes. The painting is in excellent condition and It is housed within an elegant gold frame, which is most likely the original frame.

Wilhelm Dahlbom (1855-1928) was the son of entomologist Anders Gustaf Dahlbom. He honed his artistic skills at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and continued his studies abroad, particularly in Paris, but also in Italy and Germany. Dahlbom's passion for landscape painting is evident in his works, which predominantly feature central Sweden and Skåne's beech forests, often a favored subject.

His paintings is today housed in prestigious museum collections such as Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, the Malmö Art Museum, and the Swedish Portrait Collection at Gripsholm Castle.

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