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Angel (Flanders, 15th)
Angel (Flanders, 15th) - Religious Antiques Style Renaissance Angel (Flanders, 15th) - Angel (Flanders, 15th) - Renaissance Antiquités - Angel (Flanders, 15th)
Ref : 110975
3 200 €
Period :
11th to 15th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Wood (oak)
Dimensions :
l. 6.69 inch X H. 15.75 inch X P. 3.94 inch
Religious Antiques  - Angel (Flanders, 15th) 11th to 15th century - Angel (Flanders, 15th) Renaissance - Angel (Flanders, 15th) Antiquités - Angel (Flanders, 15th)
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Angel (Flanders, 15th)

Angel with an expression of great beatitude. He/She carries a long pole in the hands. As this stake/pole is rather narrow and the angel does not hold it completely straight but more obliquely, we hesitate to think that it was meant to hold a candle. We are more inclined to believe that it is a much more rare depiction of an angel with one of the instruments of passion. In this case: either the Holy Cross or the column of torture (as the upper part broke off it is difficult to know which of the two it was). These angels with instruments of passion (such as: 3 nails from the Cross, the Holy Cross itself, the column of torture, the Crown of thorns, the sponge, the spear of Longinus …) were positioned on both sides of a sculpture of Jesus – sometimes on the altar itself.
Oak. Wings have disappeared and upper part of pole broke off but otherwise in excellent condition.
Dimensions: 40x17x10 cm.

References: A pair of angels with Holy Cross and with column of torture sculpted by Tydeman Maes in Brugge around 1425-1435 can be found in the Museo del Prado (Inv. E. 493A/493B). Another set of three angels (Flanders / northern France, 1450-1475) carrying the three nails, the Holy Cross and the column of torture is kept in the Musée des Beaux-arts in Lille (Inv. A 152). The youthful expression of these three, their small shoulders, small mouth and sharp protruding chin bear some resemblances to our angel.

Bibliography: They have all been published in ‘Laat-Gothische Beeldhouwkunst’ by John W. Steyaert (Ludion, 1994): pp. 194-197 and 244-245.

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