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Caned armchairs "à la Reine by Cresson l'aîné
Caned armchairs "à la Reine by Cresson l'aîné - Seating Style French Regence Caned armchairs "à la Reine by Cresson l'aîné -
Ref : 108343
Period :
18th century
Artist :
Provenance :
Medium :
Beech wood
Dimensions :
l. 25.2 inch X H. 37.01 inch
Seating  - Caned armchairs "à la Reine by Cresson l'aîné 18th century - Caned armchairs "à la Reine by Cresson l'aîné
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Caned armchairs "à la Reine by Cresson l'aîné

This pair of caned armchairs "à la Reine" are in carved natural beech. Both signed by René Cresson, they were made in Paris very early in the 18th century, during the Regency period.

The carving on these armchairs features fine classical ornamentation from the repertoire of Louis XIV's reign, which ended in 1715: perfect symmetry is still de rigueur, and the use of the shell is central, whether on three crosspieces at seat level, or on the backrest. Leafy foliage richly decorates the crosspieces and back, while the cambered legs are intricately carved with acanthus leaves and scrolls.

The precociousness of these works is perceptible by the persistence of a beautiful X-shaped brace, and by the camber of the front and back legs, the lateral curve only appearing at the beginning of the reign of Louis XV.

The balance of proportions, the perfect camber of the legs and the mastery of skillful carving corroborate the important signature these chairs bear: The Cressons were one of France's greatest dynasties of 18th-century chair carpenters. Cresson the eldest was the first to sign his work; having died aged around 40, he is also the one whose production is the rarest. His work represents a sort of transition between the Louis XIV and Louis XV eras, and is characterized by noble lines and proportions. His sculpture is profound and richly treated. René CRESSON, known as Cresson l'aîné, was one of the most important master carpenters in Paris in the first third of the 18th century.

These chairs are in very good condition, with no foot joints or crosspieces repaired or changed. However, they have not been restored recently, and as can be seen on the photo, the seat caning needs to be redone, and it is recommended to have a "galette" made if one wish to use these seats after the caning has been repaired. The cost of this operation is not included in the price quoted, but can be carried out quickly on request, and with the freedom to choose the fabric (or leather if required) for the "galette".

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